Walk on the Wild Side

Following the highly successful inaugural Redspot Artists ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ exhibition of 2017 we are holding another show that opens on 29th April 2019. This will show an exciting range of new work from participating artists Ben Hoskyns, Rodger MacPhail, Jonathan Sainsbury, Keith Sykes, Jason Sweeney, and myself.

This exhibition is being run to support the excellent charity XLP who work hard to help disadvantaged youngsters from the inner city of London avoid the common pitfalls of drug and gang culture in their everyday lives. The last exhibition raised over £25,000 and with your help in purchasing our art we hope to repeat this impress level of fund raising.

Please contact me at wildscpes_2000@yahoo.co.uk for a catalogue and/or further details of the show.

Click here to view a preview of my work being prepared for the show

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